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I stumbled in on NG all randomly today - last time was in November, to find that Krinkles had a spot at front page.

It's a freaking masterpiece.
Everything that is the Madness series is perfected in this flick that is reeally well done. I honestly didn't know what to expect. And I'm so glad with the result.
Even when I'm old at a seniors' home, I'll remember, and reenact a Madness combat fight in my imagination, punching the jaw off of a nurse, and impaling my senior neighbor with a stop sign whilst he's defecating his pants, sitting in his scooter.

Madness combat is a part of us all.

Thank you for your submittion, well done my friend!


I'm super stoked to see you on Newgrounds once more! I would never expect you to make a return, to be honest.

The first few seconds of the episode, my expectations were running wild.
Will it be a sprite movie, or will it be hand drawn?? I wouldn't dare to guess even, because it could be basicly anything.
I'm glad you're back to sprites, because you know how to put life and a believable soul into the sprites. You're darn good at that!

I'm kinda relieved that you skipped the 'press space to continue' dialogue boxes, but sometimes, in the heat of a fight, it might get a liiittle slower than needed.

The action scenes is just superb, there is so much more to see in the action scenes than it was before in earlier episodes. I see now what kind of episodes you envisioned back then.

The fluid animation hinted at me that it has to be produced in After Effects, but who would know, you're back in Flash. How nice :) And of course, Sony Vegas for editting I assume.

To summerize, fcuk yeah, I'm so glad you're back Alvin!

You've made an amazing comeback, and I can't wait for the next episode!


Seems like you've read the future for OckTV..
Short and sweet, for being your first animation, it holds up.
Keep up the good work!

BradsExhaustPipe responds:

haha, thank you !

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Can't make my lemmings to enter the door, otherwise fun retro game.. Rite in the childhoood!

PaulHTML5 responds:

Is this on a specific level?

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Chill tune, really soft :)

demon1000 responds:

Thanks! it took awhile just to get that loop right, but i managed to get what i wanted! Thanks Again!

Wow, how cool!

wandschrank responds:

Thanks! :)

Don't know what to write, really. Can't say I'm a good critic regarding music, but I know what I like and don't like, and I like this!
In fact, I'll use it to one of my videos.
n1 man

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Daurk... as in dark. I like it.
Although I'd like some red colour somewhere, in the eyes or something.

linda-mota responds:

that's not a bad idea. red. maybe next time! thanks bro!

Ohff, slick painting. Love Metal Slug, big ups for put life into a game hero of my!

IkaroKruz responds:

Thanks very much! :D

Ahh, super cool!
Really puts my thoughts to a halt when looking at this.
Love the details and the patterns you've added, nice colors as well.

I do art.

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